what is the quickest thing to stop you toddler from vomiting?

(February 18, 2010)

Toddlers who experience bouts of vomiting and diarrhea are easily scared by the wonder of what is happening to their bodies. The best recommended method of helping your toddler overcome any feeling of anxiety or fear is to be by his or her side and keep giving them continuous reassurance that everything will be alright. The sensation of touch is known to have its own healing properties and holding your toddler will definitely ease any discomfort that is being experienced.
Most bouts of toddler vomiting are triggered by bacterial infections of the stomach. Giving your child plenty of water to drink will help to flush the digestive system of any such bacteria and will also ensure that the fluids lost from the body are replenished. Although giving your baby fluids is advised, it is best that you avoid feeding him or her milk.

Milk is not a tolerable food when the digestive system is affected and will only worsen the condition. Similarly, it is not advisable that you feed a sick child continuously in an attempt to make him or her retain consumed food. The digestive system has been affected to a certain extent and will further be strained if you feed your child continuously. Parents sometimes feel the need to burp a toddler after he or she has brought up. It is best to let the child’s body rest for a while before placing the baby over the shoulder and rubbing the back in an attempt to draw out gas that has formed in the stomach. While burping a toddler be especially careful not to jostle or move your child around violently, as it will further complicate the situation.

Less complex foods that do not contain any spices or oils should be given to the child after a while, because they do not put a strain on the digestive system. Fruits contain large amounts of vitamins and nutrients that provide the body with all that is required for normal functioning. The vitamins present in fruits also help to build up and strengthen the immune system that defends the body against such bacterial infections. Vegetables are easy to digest and give the body the fiber required to cleanse the digestive tract and the intestines. The most important thing that any parent could do to help a child cope with vomiting is to make him or her feel comfortable at all times. It is at times like this when parents have to give in to their children’s desires, to a certain extent. Spending time with a sick child is bound to have a positive effect and will help in overcoming the discomfort caused by the illness

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