Toddler Intellectual Developmental Stages during the First 2 Years of Life

Along with physical and social development, a toddler’s intellectual development is very important. This is related to mental growth and cognitive development.

Cognitive skills refer to ‘thinking skills’. Babies are constantly thinking and figuring out things for themselves.

They are constantly exploring and reaching out to people and things around them. The more you stimulate their brains, the more they will develop intellectually. Here is a basic guideline to help you understand the various stages of intellectual development in toddlers. There are also a few hints.



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.which will help you stimulate them and thus lead to greater and faster growtht Of course, you must also remember that different babies will have slight variationsn

Toddler One-year old's Intellectual Development

may have a short attention span, but are curious about their surroundingsg They can imitate sounds of animals, name body parts, familiar people and common objects around them, and join two words to form a simple sentencec They learn to use ‘no’ quite frequently, and begin to understand the concept of self by saying ‘me’ and ‘mine’o They can play with toys and manage to hold a pencil and scribblel Although they sometimes participate in pretend play with a second person, they cannot quite make out the difference between real and pretendn

You can help their intellectual and mental growth by looking at picture books and explaining the picture to theme You can show them various common objects around them and talk about their shape, size and texturer You can roll balls with them and give them different sizes so that they understand ‘smaller’ and bigger’o You can give them toys which they can pull or stack upu Show them their reflections in the mirroro

Toddler Two-year old's Intellectual Development

can make sentences with three or more words, memorize short rhymes and sing simple songsg They can follow simple orders or directionsn An important development is that they now begin to express wishes and feelings, and show a desire to make their own choices, although they still have trouble with iti

You can help their intellectual growth by telling them stories from picture books, or letting them talk about themselvese Ask them to name objects in picture booksk You can introduce them to finger painting or chalk colors, which will teach them colors and objectst Play finger games like ‘pat-a-cake’ and sing and act out songs by using simple movementst Give them games and toys which they can take apart and put back again, or dolls which they can dress and undresss Give them simple puzzles and play matching gamese You can begin to teach them how to brush their teeth and introduce toilet skillsl Simple directions will help their growtht

Always encourage your child to question and then to find out answers on their ownw

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