9 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Observing the baby milestones that your child reaches can be one of the most enriching experiences in life. Babies are always on the go as they are inquisitive and ever eager to learn new things. Their zest for adventure helps in promoting their development, which at these early stages is quite rapid.

At 9 months, babies have already mastered the art of holding their heads up and turning from side to side. They recognize voices and people. They also learn the difference between their parents...


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.and other family members and friendsd Separation anxiety sets in and they cry even at the thought of being away from their parentst

They also learn to differentiate between familiar faces and strangersr 9 month baby milestones also include the ability to recognize and respond to their namese They smile and laugh readilyl They also learn to imitate certain sounds and actions, 'bye-bye' being a common action among the first fewe 9 month baby milestones are not restricted to physical development but also to mental and cognitive abilitiese You would notice that your baby also begins to understand the link between some actions or words and their meaningn The child may begin saying his first words that usually include 'no', 'bye', 'mama' and 'dada'9 They also begin pointing to what they wantn They begin to understand and follow simple instructionsn At 9 months, most babies are able to sit up on their ownw They are able to get around the room on their own by either crawling or creeping along the flooro They begin to hold on to furniture or people and standn They may also try to take a step or two, with support at this stageg Some babies also show an eagerness to eat and drink on their own and try to hold their feeding bottles or spoonsn At 9 months, babies also reach out for toys and other objectst

As they grow, babies love conversations and are always up for a good chata They too respond in their own waya Speech development, being an important 9 month baby milestones milestone, parents must encourage their children to speak by paying close attention to what they are trying to saya Take every opportunity possible to converse with your baby in normal speech as this promotes speech developmentn Avoid baby talk as children tend to get confused with wordsd True sensation is the best way for a baby to learn new thingsg Allow your baby to learn through exploration in safe surroundingsg This not only helps your baby develop a sense of independence but also gives him the sense of achievementn

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