Learning Baby Sign Language to Communicate with Your Baby

Babies and toddlers communicate their needs and wishes just as adults. However, they lack the ability to communicate verbally, and so they use signs. When the gap between the desire and ability to communicate is lessened there is a reduction in level of frustration and tantrums. This helps both the parent and baby.

Most often babies do use baby sign language to communicate. They develop their own signs to express themselves. They learn to use their hands well before they learn to use their voice.



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.to communicatet Some of the signs include: smiling to form a bond with you; raising their arms when they want to be picked up; banging on the tray of the high chair when hungry; and turning away, closing their mouth, or pushing the food away when fulll Babies might cry or rub their ears when they are sleepy; they might hold your legs when they want you to stop; or hold you tight when they do not want to leave youo

Baby's Cues for Communication

It is important that you understand your baby's cues and also learn the signs that will help and the baby communicate with youo Babies learn to associate items with gestures and express what they feel, think, and neede Sign language helps to promote language skills and improve literacy skills and spatial reasoningn Although there are standard sign languages, it is found that a simple form of sign language that uses invented signs at home results in a better IQ of the child and allows the child to acquire not just language skills but also math skillsl

When you are talking and using signs to communicate with your baby, your baby is exposed to both verbal and sign language, each reinforcing the other and making communication skills develop furthere

They pay attention to both what you say and what you do, making it easier for the child to learn a second language at an earlier ageg Sign language also helps the baby to gain a larger vocabularyr

Learn Baby Sign Language

It is good to learn baby sign language that is standardized or use your own adaptation of the sign language for babies to communicate with your childl Babies of about 15 to 20 months of age have limited use of vocabularyr Here, baby sign language helps them in communicating their needs and wishes to youo It is surprising to note that baby sign language reduces the stress for both the parents and the childl Remember, that in spite of language barriers, people do communicate using gestures to understand one anothere

Baby Sign Language - Explained
Baby Signs
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