Baby Sign Language and sounds during development stages for your new born child

Language is the window to a child's intellectual capacity. Right when the baby is in the mother's womb, it begins to develop its own language. This development starts very early and even when the baby is still in the womb, the mother may be able to communicate with it.

The pace of the development of the brain helps the fetus to discern sounds, voices, and words. As the development continues, this discerning of sounds and words also improves.


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The intellectual capacity is developed enough to even understand the expression in voice. However, the pace at which babies learn language is different for different babies. Recently an Australian soprano has claimed that there is a separate baby language based on various sounds. For each of the primary needs of the baby, it has a sound which can be easily distinguished from other sounds. In fact, this theory, also known as the Dunstan Baby Language, claims that language acquisition in infants occurs on various speech patterns.

First Stage of Baby Sign Language

During their first stage of language acquisition, infants have five distinct sound reflexes. As the baby grows, these language reflexes expand till the baby is able start talking. However, this hypothesis has not been accepted for the want of a scientific validation.

Another recent research conducted on the subject of language shows that a sign language can be developed for a pre-verbal child. A growing body of research on this baby sign language claims that using sign language with your baby who hasn't yet learnt to talk, doesn't delay baby language development. On the contrary, using such a sign language can in fact help the child pick up language faster and increase IQ.

The sign language is pretty easy to build on.

Usually, all babies naturally use their hands in an attempt to communicate with the others. They are expressive and often clap their hands or giggle delightfully. There many other common signs that babies often make. However, not all communication can be done using these natural gestures. Some of the gestures have to be taught.

Associating words with signs can help your child understand and learn the words better. When your baby seems interested in doing something, make certain gestures related to the task while mouthing the words for it. You may use this technique for several objects and actions that your child seems to be interested in.

What your baby is speaking is no secret baby language. These are simply your baby's attempts at grasping words and reproducing them. Keep repeating the words and the actions and your child will definitely grasp them quickly.

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