Easy Language Development Activities for Preschoolers

Children are exposed to language in various forms at a very early age. Between the ages of two and five, there is an explosion of learning and discovery for preschooler's language development. They learn new words everyday and try them in various different sentences. They learn permutations and combination of the same words or phrases.

They are able to string together newer and longer sentences and learn to ask questions. Preschooler language development is therefore very significant in a child's early learning period. During this time they also learn to distinguish between tenses and are able to identify plurals.


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The period of preschooler language development is also when a child learns basic colors and numbers.

Preschoolers Language Development Activities

A child's vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds during this period and he/she need to be taught how to harness this storehouse of information and knowledge. To achieve this, you can plan several simple language development activities for preschoolers. At home, for instance, you should expose your child to as many language learning opportunities as possible. This can even be part of everyday routines at home. For instance, if you are dish washing or doing your laundry, then explain the activity using innovative words in various types of sentences. While cooking for instance, name ingredients and describe their properties in a simple way. This may help improve your child's vocabulary as well as encourage new and interesting ideas in his/her mind.

As much as you expose your child to new language learning opportunities, you must also ensure that he/she is not exposed to slang, sarcasm and impolite uses of language.

You can ensure this by limiting your preschooler's television exposure and by being careful about what you say at home. Language development of a preschooler also benefits greatly from storytelling. Children love to hear stories and they are an excellent opportunity for language development. Stories also encourage creativity and introduce your child to ideas, morals and values. Reading aloud to your child also greatly influences preschooler language development. Having a book read aloud is a way of experiencing language just in terms of sound and intonation. This goes a long way in developing children's speech and cognitive ability. In addition, it is important to encourage your preschooler to talk. Make him/her describe daily activities at school or a painting or drawing that he/she has recently made.

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