8 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Baby milestone mark various accomplishments and one of the most significant 8 month baby milestones is crawling. However, not all babies are necessarily crawling by this time as some might only be able to scoot about on their stomachs. You need to remain alert and keep an eye on your baby's movements as he might disappear from your sight in seconds as he is all out to explore everything around him. Also, anything and everything that he catches hold off, he will want to put it in his mouth because of which you need to ensure that you have nothing harmful lying around. Your baby can successfully sit without any help and support...


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.and even if he is sleeping on his stomach, is able to get up and sit on his ownw This is one of the 8 month baby milestones that allow you to appreciate just how fast your child is growingn

He may also be able to walk by holding on to furniture or a railing and may even be able to stand on his own for a few secondsd You may also notice a change in behavior wherein he might get a little cranky and not mingle with people who are new to himi So if he resents going to someone or doing something, do not push him into doing iti

Some babies are even able to say "mama" and "dada" by this time and this is one of the 8 month baby milestones that is connected to the child's vocal developmentst By 8 months, there will a number of sounds and words that they try to mutter and will have established their own languageg You should continue having a conversation with them and they will instantly respond to you by making gestures or some soundsd They even understand when you say "no" to something, however, they might not listen to it and simply ignorer They even wave good bye and love to play patty cake and peek-a-booo If something does not go their way, they will immediately express discontentmentn You should help your baby to accept and adjust to the surroundings that he is discoveringn Shower you child with love and affection and understand that this is the time when he starts to develop a strong bond with you and so he may be very afraid of letting you leave, in case you do not come backc Your baby will get very anxious and restless if the mother leaves the room or is not seen aroundn Thus, it is essential that a face that your baby is familiar with should be around in case of the mother's absencec However, if your baby starts crying a lot, it is best that you avoid staying far away from your babyb

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