When Naming your Baby Became a Battle

By Ashley | January 19, 2010
Naming A Baby Battle

Everybody has an opinion as far as choosing a name for the latest addition in the family is concerned. Here are some ways in which you can bring a little more structure and peace to the process of naming your baby and prevent it from becoming a battle:

  • Begin choosing a name early on in the pregnancy. Do not delay until the due date is near and you have to choose in a hurry because this will only lead to more confusion and fights.
  • Set down a few criteria for choosing the name, such as the starting letter, meaning of the name, or any other significant factor.
  • Let the others involved know that they can all pitch in and add to the list of names for selection but the final selection will rest with just one or two people. This is more difficult to explain if the siblings of the baby are involved and come up with very imaginative names like ‘Spiderman’! You can gently tell them that they could be in charge of something as special as the baby’s nick names. It might take a bit of convincing but it usually works, after some effort.
  • Another option is for the baby’s parents to say that the name will be a surprise until the christening. This way, no one will be allowed to give their opinion and by the time they do, it will be too late for discussion.
  • Use a guideline such as the desired meaning or significance of a name to start your search. This way your search will be more streamlined and this will minimize the dissensions.
  • Keep in mind if there has been any particular pattern that has been followed in the past by your family. Decide as a couple if you would want to follow the same pattern.
  • If you want to do something different, decide on which area that would include. Would it be that you want to chose a name from a different and special language (maybe the baby was conceived in a certain country and you would want to stick to a name from that language) or maybe a name after a season (when the child is conceived or is being born) or maybe even a certain meaning (something that is significant to you as a family).
  • Keep in mind also that the name should not be something that will cause the child embarrassment as he/she grows up, either because of the nick names that it can incur or because the name does not grow old well.
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