Baby Sign Language Basics and Charts

Every individual, no matter how young or old, has a yearning to communicate their desires and feelings. Babies too long to communicate but due to the development of cognitive abilities at a later stage, they resort to sign language to communicate with people around them since their hand-eye co-ordination develops faster.

Baby Sign Language Basics

Baby sign language basics are connected with the observant nature of babies. They tend to imitate people around them and start using gestures that they observe.


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They also learn to link simple signs with words like eating; sleeping and playing based on the gestures that the people around them use. Saying the word along with the sign helps in accelerating language development. Eye contact and emphasis on the word also makes language development easier. The use of irrelevant signs should be avoided as they often confuse the child. However, it is essential to keep in mind that a baby has a limited attention span and too much of information may result in more damage than good. These facts have been proven by baby sign language research. Research also indicates that sign language ensures a better all round development of the child, making him or her more expressive and better behaved, as it stimulates the brain. The inability to communicate effectively usually leads to frustration that manifests itself in the form of tantrums. Hence, it is essential to pay attention to your baby to understand what he or she is asking for.

This prevents unruly behavior. The attention given also strengthens the bond between parent and child and also assists in the emotional development of the child, making him or her more secure.

Baby Sign Language Charts

Sign language charts are commonly used by people who have hearing or speech impediments. However, these charts can be of great use in training your toddler in sign language. Communication, being one of the most important aspects of social developments, it is necessary for people to be able to communicate with each other. Although your child may be blessed with completely normal senses, the baby sign language chart forms an effective tool in speech training. What makes sign language so interesting is that it not only involves the use of the hands, but requires the use of expressions and the body on the whole. Because of the use of the hands and the rest of the body, the child's motor skills develop rapidly and this helps to bring in greater understanding of receptive and expressive speech patterns. However, deciding upon the importance of sign language ultimately lies with the parent.

Baby Sign Language
Baby Sign Language
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