The Four Main Developmental Stages in a Baby after Birth

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 13, 2012

Baby Stages Post Birth

Most parents are curious about the baby stages their newborn will go through after birth. This curiosity is more so in the case of first-time parents. They usually keep wondering about the baby stages after birth and all that is going to happen in the first month, second month, and so on. When is my child going to talk or when is my child going to walk are some of the questions on their mind.


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While looking for information related to baby stages, it is important to keep in mind that most of the information is just approximate and your baby may not develop as suggested. There might be a few variations and if you are concerned about your baby it is best that you talk to your pediatrician about it.

There are different milestones your baby reaches in the first couple of years in life.

To begin with, your baby is helpless and totally dependent on you. As the first five years go by your child gradually becomes independent as far as mobility, language, and speech are concerned and he/she starts developing his/her own identity and personality.

There are four main baby stages after birth or areas of toddler development:

  • The first of all the baby stages after birth is to do with the child's motor development. This stage is basically to do with the child's body posture, limb movements (larger ones), and the way your child graduates towards walking.
  • The second area of development is vision and fine motor development. In this stage your child's manipulative skills develop and he/she is able to do manual tasks that are complicated.
  • The speech and language development stage is a very crucial stage where your child learns to communicate verbally with people.
  • The child starts communicating with others and it is at this stage that he/she begins developing his/her own personality and starts interacting with others.

These milestones take place gradually as your child grows from one month to another.You need to remember though that no two children are alike and each child develops at their own pace. As a parent you need to make sure you provide an environment that is encouraging and loving. Also do not unnecessarily push your child to do better. A warm caring environment with adequate food is what your baby requires. Babies who have adequate tummy time while they are not sleeping tend to reach motor milestones faster than the others. So try and ensure that your baby has sufficient tummy time while awake.

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