Fetal Development At 29 Weeks

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

Fetal development is something that can cause one to wonder at the amazing process of procreation and childbirth. In the initial weeks of a pregnancy, though the process of fetal development week by week appears to be progressing at snail's pace, there are numerous developments being made by the baby which are not really visible to the human eye. As time passes, you will begin to notice physical changes that take place within the womb, keeping you in awe of the complete process of fetal development.


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Week By Week Fetal Development

During the 29th week of fetal development, the baby that you are expecting should weigh close to two and a half pounds, and will be approximately sixteen inches in length. There are other physical features which begin to be more pronounced at this stage, including the size of the head, which is now in proportion to the rest of the baby's body. A majority of the senses are now functional and the eyes are able to move around in their sockets.

The genitals in both sexes are developed by this stage of the pregnancy, the testicles moving towards the scrotum in the case of a male child, while a female baby will have a prominent, uncovered clitoris. The labia are formed toward the latter half of the pregnancy and cover the clitoris completely at birth.

Because of the fact that your baby is making steady growth during this fetal development stages, there is a certain amount of weight gain, which fills out the wrinkles of skin, smoothing it over. The uterus also begins to get less spacious for the growing baby, and though the kicking is reduced, because of the lack of space, your baby is healthy and making further progress. It is important that you get enough rest and eat healthy foods during this part of the trimester. Avoiding any physically exertive forms of work is advised for the benefit of both, mother and child. Eating the correct fruits and vegetables will help to give your baby all the vitamins and other nourishment required for a healthy birth. Staying comfortable could not be more important than during the 29th week of pregnancy, and the weeks that follow. Comfortable clothing and footwear should take a lot of the stress off of you. Discussing the procedures to be followed, during the time of your delivery, with your partner at this stage, will also give him enough time to be prepared should the need arise for you to be taken to the hospital.

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