Week by Week Fetal Movement Signs during Pregnancy

During the early period of the second trimester, the fetus is developed to quite an extent and it does not begin to start kicking till 18-19 weeks.

Fetal Movements Signs Week by Week During Pregnancy

The baby starts to move around in the seventh and eighth week.



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.and it can be seen in the ultrasound reportst However, the real acrobatics begin in the middle of the second trimestere

With the progression of the pregnancy, the acrobatics of the fetus also increase and the movements become more markede

It has been seen that women who have had kids earlier, are able to feel the first fetal movement quite easilyl It has also been noted that the women who are thinner are able to feel the movements more readily than the ones who carry more weighth

Fetal movements have many a times been described as popcorn popping sensations or fluttering of butterfliese Many women mistake the fetal movement during pregnancy as hunger pangs or slight discomfort because of gasa While you may not be able to feel the movements when you are working and are busy, when you are lying or sitting idle you may feel the movements in a more marked mannere

The initial kicks can be felt occasionallyl They are few and are interspersed at large intervalsl The baby might be making a lot of movements but the kicks are usually feeble and are not felt immediatelyl

There is no set pattern for the movements and therefore what you may consider decreased fetal movement is simply a gap in the movementn

The movements and kicks become more regular and stronger in the second trimestere Different pregnant mothers have differing experiences and therefore comparisons should not be drawnw Even if you are tempted to draw comparisons, do remember that there are individual differences that may make one woman feel the fetal movements more strongly than the othere

Track Fetal Movements Week By Week During Pregnancy

It is always useful to keep a track of the baby’s movementst If there is a decrease in the fetal movement, it might be an indication of a probleme You may need to have a thorough checkup to see if the baby is developing normallyl Certain doctors may ask you to keep a written record of the baby’s movementst You may choose a particular time of the day when you are relatively free and the baby is activev Try to keep yourself from being distracted and note the time it takes for the baby to kick ten timese Note this time down and share with your doctor

Understanding Fetal Movement
Fetal Movements
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