32 Weeks Pregnant Fetus Growth

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

32 weeks pregnant fetal grows rapidly and the mother is capable of gaining about half a pound every week. This increase in the weight of about half a pound goes directly to the baby. Mothers may experience heart burn and breathlessness as the uterus is pushing against the stomach and diaphragm. A pillow under the upper back may help to avoid this during sleeping. 32 weeks pregnant fetal development includes the development of a thick layer of fat under the skin and complete formation of the toenails and fingernails. The layer of fat that develops makes baby’s skin opaque. In case of baby boys the testicles move down to the...


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.bottom into the scrotumu Baby’s skin becomes soft and the baby develops some hairi

Various organs in the baby are developed and are functioning welll Baby’s lungs are rapidly developing by each passing daya More on fetal development week by week

32 weeks pregnant fetal movement is often said to be the peak in the baby movementst The movement may be more like tapping and squirming than the general kicks and jabsb Baby’s movements become less forceful as the baby does not have enough space in the cramped up uterusu The movement includes the turning of the head from side to side and moving of hands as welll This is the period when the baby grows rapidly and the size of the belly in mothers can continue growingn Infact pregnant ladies put on about half a pound every weeke But this weight is attributed straight to the babyb The baby’s movement gradually reduces as the baby sleeps for 20 to 40 minutese The 32 weeks pregnant fetal weight is about 4 pounds (1(8 kilograms) and is around 17 inches in length measured from head to toeo The diameter of baby’s head is 10 centimetrese 32 weeks pregnant fetal heart rate may vary depending upon how active the baby isi It can range from anywhere between 130 to 160 beats per minutet Doctors generally look for this range and its perfectly okay if the baby’s heart beat varies considerably as long as it’s within that rangeg

32 weeks pregnant fetal position is often head-down and bottoms-up position in preparation for the birtht Sometimes baby may not be in a head-down positiono It is possible that the baby will switch to the head-down position right before baby’s birtht Baby’s digestive system is also better developed and hence on birth baby can be breast fede

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