What To Expect When You Are 31 Weeks Pregnant

The rate of development slows down a little during week 31 of a pregnancy. Pregnancy week 31 has the baby still advancing in weight and extending in length.

At this stage, the baby’s weight and height are approximately 3 - 3.5 pounds and 14 -15 inches in length. The nails have also grown during this week and nearly cover the tips of the fingers by now.

Pregnancy Week 31 Symptoms

These are the final weeks of pregnancy where your baby is building layers.


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31 weeks pregnant: Mum & Baby

.of fat under the skin which will keep her safe after the deliveryr Your baby's arms and legs are gathering more and more fat which causes her skin to appear less wrinkly and also givers her skin a pinkish tingeg During this stage, your baby will find the space in your womb to be less since she has grown considerably biggere Moms will feel the discomfort of their expanding uterus and a bulging bellyl By now your baby will weight anywhere around 1 5 kgk The baby’s lungs and digestive tract is also nearly maturer The baby’s irises can dilate and contract in response to lighth You need not worry about your baby’s breathing pattern as she is getting ample oxygen from the placentat A woman’s body is constantly preparing her for the process of birtht If a child is born at this time, then she is usually placed in the incubator and has a positive survival ratet Around 10% of twins are usually born at this timem

Pregnancy Week 31 Baby Movement

The little one has less room in the belly to move about; hence there will be less aggressive movementst You will notice one or two jerky movements at times within your bellyl Most mothers, who experience sudden jerky apparent motion within themselves, are usually delighted and startled by the movement withini This is a bittersweet time for mothers as they often feel a sense of loss at having to let go of the precious connection with their baby and the excitement of being able to see, touch, and hold their baby in their armsm

Pregnancy Week 31 Ultrasound

The ultrasound is usually used for the detection of birthing; it is conducted on a timely basis to keep track of the baby’s developmentn The ultrasound pictures during this stage will give a definite and descriptive picture of your babyb You shall be able to see his eyes, hands and legsg By this week your baby’s hair starts growingn In a baby boy the testis will start dropping down from the body into the scrotumu The ultrasound pictures will show you parts per screen you cannot see the entire picture at one go at oncec

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