Can you feel your baby move at 14 weeks pregnant?

(April 5, 2011)

Being pregnant can be a real joy for a couple who are awaiting the arrival of a child. During the initial stages of the pregnancy, there are a number of hormonal changes that take place in the mother’s body that lead to many physical and emotional changes that are experienced by the expectant mother herself. From the moment that the child is conceived, there are a number of changes that are taking place in the baby’s body as well. All these changes are monitored with the help of ultrasound checks, to ensure that development and progress of growth are normal. Watching your 14 weeks pregnant baby move can bring you immense joy that knows no bounds.

From the moment you have been monitoring your baby’s growth, you have waited to see him or her move, and by the time the baby has completed 14 weeks of gestation, he or she has developed enough muscular power and strength to make slight movements. At 14 weeks pregnant baby movement will be minimal in comparison to a baby who has completed the full term of the pregnancy. There are occasions when you may not feel your baby move at 14 weeks pregnant. This is not an indication that something is wrong, and as all children are unique, there is no specific time for a baby to begin moving. Some children begin moving early in the pregnancy, while others take their time and begin moving at later stages of the pregnancy.

When you are 14 weeks pregnant, feeling your baby move will give you immense joy. Once the baby has kicked and moved, on numerous occasions you will ask your spouse to place his hand on your belly, to feel the movement for himself. At times, your gynecologist may ask if you can feel your baby move at 14 weeks pregnant. Depending upon whether your answer is positive or negative, an ultrasound check may be advised to determine the progress being made by the fetus. The ultrasound will also give detailed information on the skeletal structure development and the development of the muscular system. When your baby makes movements during the 14th week of your pregnancy, you may feel immense pain at some points of time. This may also be confused with the occurrence of gas in the digestive system from the altered eating habits during your pregnancy. Expectant mothers are advised plenty of rest and a certain amount of exercise, as well, to ensure that they have a healthy pregnancy.

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