what doese baby movement feel like, during pregnancy 20 weeks?

(June 26, 2010)

Baby Movements At 20 Weeks

Most women, as their pregnancy progresses tend to experience the baby’s movements in the form of a tender fluttering action. Typically these movements are felt for the first time between pregnancy weeks 15-20 weeks. As the pregnancy progresses and the baby continues to grow,  stronger movement of the baby in the uterus are experienced by the mother. These could range from kicking to thumping with varying degrees of intensity. However just like every other creature a baby also needs to get its rest and will tend to sleep in the womb. During this time there may be little to no fetal movement felt. However the pregnant woman can determine if the baby is fine if she can feel the baby’s movements after around 40 minutes. During pregnancy weeks 20- 24 the baby tends to become more active and the activity level of the baby also increases. From these weeks onwards the baby will continue to display increased signs of activity in the form of tumbling and kicking in the womb. These movements actually are the baby stretching its limbs in the restricted space of the mother’s womb. By week 20 of pregnancy the baby’s legs, body and arms are fully formed and it may even have soft and fine body hair. Around this time the baby is roughly seven and a half inches in length and weighs around one pound. The mother is able to notice the increase in fetal activity and may also experience frequent muscle craps. These are caused by change in posture or even on account of inadequate nutrient intake. Week 20 of pregnancy is considered to be the halfway point of the pregnancy. The light fluttery movement of the baby that is experienced by the mother during this week is known as “quickening”. The first time at which a pregnant woman may notice the baby’s movement will be different for different women depending on whether they have been pregnant before.

Similarly the activity levels of the baby may vary during different times of the day. Some mothers have stated that the baby’s movements are more pronounced during the night or when they are resting. During week 20 of pregnancy the mother may also go through some other physical and emotional changes such as an increase in the height of the uterus which is determined by the doctor during the prenatal visits.  Some women also have a thick yellowish fluid that leaking from their nipples indicating that the breasts are readying themselves to produce milk.

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