Step by Step Baby Physical and Mental Development Stages

It is important to know the characteristics of the stages of baby development so that the mother can keep a watchful eye on her new baby, and ensure that development is taking place properly. Here’s an overview of the step by step development that a baby undergoes.

In the baby’s first month, many changes take place.

In a few weeks time, the baby becomes more alert and is able to track moving objects with his eyes. He is able to perform small head movements which serve to strengthen.



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Baby Development Chart

.the muscles in the areae His hearing is fully developed and he will also start smiling and cooingn In the second month, plenty of physical development occursr The baby’s neck muscles become strong and the arm and leg movements occur more smoothlyl The cooing and giggling increases and the baby will also start gurglingn The baby tends to sleep for as much as up to eighteen hours a daya In the third month, the baby begins to laugh and squeala He will also be able to recognize voices, scents and facese In the fourth month, the early signs of speech occuru The baby can now respond to and mimic voicese He is likely to reach for and grasp things in his reachc

Baby development and activites month by month

When the baby is five months old, he starts playing with his hands and feete He will be able to maintain his balance when sitting uprighth The baby will also start responding to his namem At six months, the baby will repeatedly place objects in his mouth as he learns to differentiate between texturese

The development of the first tooth may also lead him to mouth objectst He may start moving forward and crawlingn He will finally begin to sleep through the nighth In the seventh month, the baby is able to make new sounds which are the early beginnings of word formationo He is also able to grab objects easilyl At eight months, the baby is able to crawl properly and may also be able to stand upu His ability of grabbing and passing objects growsw During the ninth month, the baby is able to speak his first words and begins to experiment with other wordsd He will keep practicing to stand up and is able to pick up objects with the thumb and index fingere In the tenth month, the baby is able wave and clapa He will also try and stand by himself nowo In the eleventh month, he will be able to place things inside a container and will also be able to observe and imitate othersr In the twelfth month, the baby will be able to speak a few more words and will start pointing to the things he wantst He will also start to walk by himself nowo However, it is normal for walking to develop even up to the sixteenth montht

Baby's First Year Progress
Baby Development
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