Milestones For Babies

Having a baby is a wonderful, life changing event that cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Watching your baby accomplish new milestones is truly memorable and every parent waits impatiently for new achievements. A baby milestones chart can help to prepare for the next baby developmental milestone and can be a very useful child care tool.

Each day brings new developments in baby milestones.The initial weeks after birth are mainly spent drinking milk and sleeping. This could be regarded as one of the first baby milestones. Gradually, babies become aware of people and.



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9 Month Baby Milestones

.things happening around theme They also respond to various sounds and lighth Curiosity encourages them to move their heads from side to side, following objects that are merely a blurred form at this early stageg They gradually begin to focus on objects that are more than eight inches away and slowly begin overcoming the other baby milestonese As the neck muscles strengthen, babies attempt to balance their heads on their ownw They also move their arms to touch their facese By the second month, they smile a lot and begin to make various baby soundsd They also begin to follow objects and people with their eyese There would be great development in baby milestones within 3 monthsh At this stage, the baby smiles and laughs readily and try to converse through gurgling, squealing and cooing soundsd They begin to recognize scents and peoplel With muscular development, they hold up their heads and push themselves up on their arms to look aroundn

Many babies learn to turn over by the third month and reach out for objects as welll They can also push against firm surfacese

By the fourth month, babies can hold up their heads steadily and try to sit up or stand by holding on to an adult’s hands for supportr They tend to grasp toys and other objects as welll Some babies are also known to start teething towards the end of the fourth montht

Fifth month baby milestones include anxiety around strangers, playing with toys and sitting up for short stintst In the sixth month, babies begin to imitate sounds and expressions and respond to their own namem They also begin linking certain objects with their namese Separation anxiety may set in at this stageg As time passes, babies begin to crawl and sit up on their ownw By the end of the first year many babies stand up and walk with supportr They learn their first words and can wave outu They also attempt to eat or drink on their ownw In addition, they start understanding instructions and learn the meaning of various gestures and expressionsn These milestones for babies may not occur at the same time in all children and you should not get overly anxiousu

Baby Milestones
Baby Milestones
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