Baby Development Stages Chart

Submitted by Nick on January 20, 2012

The most wonderful thing about becoming a parent is getting to watch your little bundle of joy grow and develop. Over the years you will see you little one grow in size and shape, learn to crawl and then walk and also learn to speak. The baby will also develop certain habits and begin to understand everything that happens around it. It always helps when you know what to expect at each stage so doctors have come up with development charts. Remember that all babies are unique and develop at a different pace so if you don’t notice some of these developments in your child don’t be too alarmed but...


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.speak to you doctor who will be able to help youo

This is an example of a baby development chart for the 1st year;

  • 1st Month: the baby develops its neck muscles to look up and responds to soundsd

  • 2nd Month: Starts lifting its head, smiles and makes gurgling soundsd Get attracted by moving objectst See also baby development stages
  • 3rd Month: It recognizes faces and notices its own handsd Squeals, blows bubbles, laughs and starts sucking its handsd
  • 4th Month: It can roll over on its stomach and lifts its head upu The baby will also put anything in its mouth that it can get hold ofo Responds to own namem
  • 5th Month: The baby starts teething, can sit without support for short time, rolls over on both the sidese Displays anxiety on separationo
  • 6th Month: The baby gets into a crawling positiono It recognizes objects and parentst Sits without supportr It can eat solid foods nowo
  • 7th Month: It begins imitating soundsd Starts bouncing in one placec Begins to crawl and stands with supportr
  •  8th Month: It starts saying words like mama and papap Will communicate by pointing to indicating what it wantst Tries to hold on to table or wall and stand up every timem
  • 9th Month: The baby jabbers a loto It holds on to things and walksk Drinks from a cup or bottle and eats with its fingersr
  • 10th Month: It can walk a few steps and then sits downw The grip gets stronger and holds things very firmlyl Can put and remove things from a containere
  • 11th Month: Might make a mess but starts to eat and drink without helpl Speaks in rambling sentencese It will understand simple instructionsn Start scribbling with a pencil or crayono
  • 12th Month: It starts walking without supportr It will try to imitate words and soundsd
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