Fetal Growth Percentile Chart

Submitted by Nick on April 26, 2012

The development of a baby during the course of a pregnancy can be monitored with the help of a fetal growth percentile chart. These charts are often used by obstetricians and parents-to-be. They bring to light irregularities in the baby’s development. Such charts are also available in the form of software on various pregnancy websites. They can be downloaded and used by expecting couples. More on baby percentile chart

A fetal growth percentage chart provides information about the average length...


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... and weight of a baby at each stage of gestation. Babies vary widely in their weight and length. The growth is also likely to fluctuate as the pregnancy progresses. Babies vary widely in their weight and length. The growth is also likely to fluctuate as the pregnancy progresses. A fetal growth chart provides the average estimate of a baby’s growth. Babies that experience normal development match these estimates. A fetal growth predictor chart monitors early growth until week 20 of the pregnancy. The chart gives head to rump measurements of the baby. Following week 10 of the pregnancy, head to toe measurements are provided. The bodily structures and organs that must form and develop at each stage of gestation are also mentioned in the chart. Fetal growth charts are also helpful for expecting couples as they estimate the arrival date of the baby. In some cases, mothers are unaware of the exact date on which they have conceived. This poses difficulties in estimating the due date. A fetal growth chart enables the obstetrician in determining the estimated time for delivery. There are also charts available for tracking twin fetal growth. These charts help to monitor growth and development of twins in a multiple pregnancy. Also see baby growth chart

Many a time, fetal growth percentile charts become a cause of worry for expecting parents. Most people become anxious when the growth of their babies does not match that of the charts. In cases where a baby’s size is different from the estimated size mentioned in the chart, the parents do not have to necessarily become worried. It is normal for some variation to be present. All infants and children do not grow and develop at the same rate. In the same manner, not all fetuses grow and develop similarly. However to relieve doubts and anxieties, it is advisable to discuss the matter with a doctor. In addition to tracking a baby’s growth during pregnancy, a fetal growth chart also enables the pregnant mother to understand her own bodily changes. Some charts also mention estimated measurements of the mother’s abdomen.

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