Newborn Baby's Growth Chart and Percentile Calculator

It is a good idea to maintain a growth chart for your baby. Most healthcare providers have charts with calculations indicating the healthy rate of growth.

It is also a good idea to keep a watch at home, because a slow growth may be an indicator of poor nutrition or health.

Here are a few thumb rules to help you monitor whether your baby's growth is normal, which will indicate overall good health.

New Born Baby's growth percentile


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Baby growth percentile indicates the weight of your baby as compared to other babies. It informs you what percentage of babies weigh more or less than your baby. If your baby has a percentile weight of 40% it means that out of 100 babies weighed, yours weighs less that 60 other infants and more than 40 other weighed infants. If your baby's weight has a percentile of 50%, it means that this is the average weight of babies of that age. If it is less that 50% it means that your baby weighs less than the average weight; if your baby has a percentile is more than 50%, it means that your baby weighs more than the average. See also baby growth percentile

Percentile weight however, does not indicate whether your infant is over-weight or under-weight.

New Born Baby's Growth chart

  • A newborn baby's weight is between 2.5 and 3.5 kilograms. Weight increases about 200 grams per week for the first three months, and after that, around 150 grams per week.
  • Babies have extra fluid when they are born and this extra fluid is lost in the first few days after birth, leading to a minor weight-loss of a few grams (about 7 to 10% of birth weight) in most newborns.
  • This weight is regained within 2 weeks and after that they gain weight rapidly in the next 8 to 10 weeks.

    The rate of growth in children is greatest in the first 6 months. It decreases slightly at 9 months and then again at 12 months.
  • In 4 months, most babies increase their birth weight by 50%, by 6 months, they double their birth weight, by 12 months they triple their birth weight and by 24 months, their birth weight increase almost four times.
  • A newborn's height is between 18 and 20 inches. At the end of 12 months, it increases to 30 inches. The length of babies increases by 50% in the first 12 months, and by the age of 2 years, most children attain half of their basic adult height.

Premature baby's growth Chart

Babies who are born premature are smaller in length and weight, with a smaller head size. They also tend to lose more weight immediately after birth. But if they feed well and remain healthy, such babies tend to catch up with other babies by the end of two years.

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