How much does the "average" 8 1/2 month old girl weigh?

(May 7, 2010)

The average weight of a new born baby girl – given that this is not a premature delivery or any special health circumstances is between 2.5 kgs to 3.1 kgs. The average height of a new born baby girl at the time of birth is in between 45 cms to 48 cms. The height however can vary depending on the genetic composition of the parents. The weight of a baby girl is usually on average approximately 0.4 kgs lighter than a new born boy. While it varies between infants, the rate at which babies grow is the fastest between the zero to 2 years. It is after this stage, that their growth patterns remain more or less steady and they tend to take after the growth patterns of the parents. See also baby growth percentile

The usual trend is that a baby will increase in height by about 28% in the first five months from birth and in weight by approximately double in the same time frame. Thus if your baby was 3 kgs at the time of birth, her approximate weight would be in the range of 6 kgs at 5 months. At 8 and a half months the baby girl’s weight should have increased by about two and a half times her weight at birth. Some baby girls are smaller than others and there are various reasons for this. Despite this, if your doctor does not have concerns and if the baby is eating healthy and bowel movements are normal, you should not be overly worried.

If you feel that your baby is underweight, you can feed your child proteins, vitamins and calcium supplements. It is vital that the baby girl gets enough activity during the day as this helps increase the appetite and will lead to the baby consuming more food. Rather than force feeding the child, it is better if the baby girl actually has an appetite for food as this leads to healthy eating habits and will increase the overall intake of food. Another tip to increase your baby’s weight is to include mashed banana and milk in the diet.

 It is important for a new parent to monitor the height and weight of the baby on a regular basis as this is an indication of whether the baby’s growth is following a healthy pattern. This can be checked with your local pediatrician or on the internet which have dedicated sites.

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