The Fascinating Phases of Developmental Milestones for Toddlers

In a child’s development, there are developmental milestones that can be identified. These developmental stages are of great interest to researchers, but as a parent or caregiver, you will find that the developmental stages are almost continuous. There is continuous growth in height and weight, and a gradual progress towards adult behavior, development in speech, and language acquisition.

Development of a toddler changes with chronological age and is based on genetic and environmental factors. Genetic factors are responsible for overall.



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18 Month Toddler Development

.growth, development of the brain, and maturationo Environmental factors include diet; disease; and social, emotional, and cognitive experiencese Children between the ages of 1 to 3 years are referred to as toddlersr

Toddler Development Month by Month

You will notice toddler development month by month in all aspectst Your child will start walking, he or she will try to explore the house, discover new things, grasp and manipulates object, and learns to communicate his or her wishes and needsd At this stage, your child will also throw temper tantrums, express emotions, and try experimenting with things around the houses

At about the age of 14 months, your child will eat with relish and form an attachment to comfort itemsm He or she will prefer certain toys over others and assert their desires and wantst It is important that the house is child proof, especially with respect to electrical gadgetst You need to teach your child to avoid things that are harmful for them in an assertive mannere

Every month you will notice new changes with an increased growth ratet

At around 10 months, your child will pick up a few words, and this will increase as your toddler growsw Optimal growth is considered vital, and it is important to understand the social, cognitive, educational, and emotional development in childrene Always remember that each child grows at a different pace, there is no need to fret if speech development in your toddler is slower than in other childrene Your baby may be ahead in some aspects, and lag behind in othersr With respect to toddler speech development, you will notice that some words are unclear at a certain age and that these words become clearer latere Be sure to use simple words and short sentences when you convey any message to theme

Toddler Development Activities

Play activities are an essential part of toddler development activitiese It is important to engage your toddler in activities that will enhance the brain developmentn Brain develops 75% after birth, with improvement in fine and gross motor skills, language, socialization, emotional well-being, personal awareness, learning ability, and problem solvingn Parents can spend time in activities with their toddlers to help them develop as well as to strengthen their bond with theme

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