What does my baby look like at 22 weeks pregnant?

(May 3, 2011)

When you are pregnant and you can feel the movements of your baby and you may often wonder what your baby looks like. Pregnant women often ask their doctors” “What does my baby look like at 22 weeks pregnancy?” An ultrasound scan can give you a clear idea of the size and activities of your baby in the womb. The ultra sound images can be especially reassuring to the mother who has not felt the baby’s movements until then. Keep in mind that every baby is unique and so it is best not to compare your progress with that of your neighbors or friends. Some women are also anxious about the size of their baby and so “what is the size of my baby at 22 weeks of pregnancy” is another common question of pregnant women. Even if your stomach does not seem very large, you have nothing to worry about and instead mention your concerns to your doctor. Even if your baby is relative small, it is more important that your child is healthy and that his/her growth and development is on track.

A baby at 22 weeks pregnant has a slightly large head in proportion to the body. The length of the arms and legs are in accordance with the size of the body and the baby’s sex organs are developed. Ultrasound scans can help identify the sex of the baby at this stage of the pregnancy. When you are 22 weeks pregnant, your baby will have a soft covering of hair on his/her scalp. At this time, a baby will also have tiny downy hairs that cover their entire body. The sense centers in the brain of the baby are developed and the baby can be seen touching its body or sucking a thumb and giving itself tactile stimulation to understand its environment. Your baby, at 22 weeks of your pregnancy, will have little ears that are clearly visible in an ultrasound scan. The irises of the eyes do not have any color yet in a baby at 22 weeks pregnant, but the lips and gums with bud teeth appear well formed. The eyebrows, eyelids, and finger nails start to appear. Ridges form on the baby’s fingers to become the fingerprints that will be the baby’s unique identification mark once it is born.

Your baby will also respond to rhythms, sounds, music, and voices. Pregnant women have reported sudden kicks from the fetus after a loud noise like a door slamming. You can play a couple of songs to your baby on a regular basis and then play them to your baby once he/she is born. This will help to introduce a certain amount of familiarity into your baby’s environment. Your baby, at 22 weeks of your pregnancy, will also be soothed by your voice and so you can read your child stories. This is also an excellent bonding experience.

Though the size of a baby at 22 weeks of pregnancy is small, since it weighs less than a pound and is not even a foot long, its internal organs are well developed.  Not only are the brain, the heart and the circulatory system well developed and functioning by 22 weeks, even the liver, the pancreas and the kidneys start functioning at this stage.

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