Labor Induction During 42nd Week of Pregnancy

By the 42nd week of your pregnancy you’re probably quite concerned about how your baby’s doing and feel as if there’s been some cruel joke pulled on you.  Before we proceed any further it should be pointed out that most studies indicate that up to 70% if most post-term are actually not post term. More often than not the so called delay stems from miscalculation, due to frustrating mix ups and confusion over the actual date of conception.

This is usually because of irregular ovulation or the mother’s uncertainty about the precise time of the last menstrual period.


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Fetal Development Week 42

Induce Labor

If you do so happen to be among that small percentage of women who are actually truly overdue then there still is some comfort. Before the end of pregnancy week 42 your baby will arrive, if not on his/her own then thanks to induced labor. You should also be aware that even though you may be two weeks past your due date this is not uncommon and it is most likely that all is well with your baby. Either way your health care provider will carry out tests to ensure the well being and health of your baby and advice you accordingly. Testing is almost ordered in the 42nd week to ensure that there is good utero-placental circulation. This may require either a non stress test, and/or a contraction test or biophysical profile.

If your pregnancy has been a healthy and largely uncomplicated one then you really shouldn’t have much to worry about, as an additional week or two shouldn’t really have much bearing on the outcome of the pregnancy.

If yours is a first time pregnancy then you should be aware that 10% of most first timers do actually go up to two weeks beyond the due date, but the wait is almost over now. You can rest assured that a pregnancy is almost never allowed to stretch beyond this week. If you haven’t gone into labor and given birth naturally by the end of the week, your health care provider would most likely employ prostaglandin gels and cervical ripening agents to prepare the cervix for an induction.

Your Baby

When your baby finally makes his/her debut on the stage it’s very likely that his/her skin will be wrinkled and maybe cracked or dry and peeling, but this is quite normal and temporary. It is only because of the shedding of the vernix that happened weeks ago. A baby born two weeks late is also likely to have longer nails and hair, and should be a lot more alert.

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