Baby Movement During Pregnancy At Week 38

Submitted by Nick on August 16, 2012

During pregnancy week 38 the pregnant woman is said to be in her final stages of the pregnancy and she should be preparing for the arrival of her baby at anytime. During pregnancy week 38 the baby will weigh almost 7 pounds and will continue to gain weight till the mother goes into labor. These additional layers of fat that add onto the baby’s skin provide the baby with warmth and protection which is essential at especially during the first few days of the baby’s birth. At pregnancy week 38, the baby will measure almost 21 inches in length and all the internal organ ...


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.of the baby would have completely developede However, the development of the nervous system and the brain of the baby continue right up to the final few days of the pregnancyc

Similarly during the final few weeks of the pregnancy the baby would have also shed most of the lanugo which was the protective covering of the baby while it was in the mother’s wombm On account of the growing size of the baby, the pregnancy week 38 fetal movements can be felt very clearly by the babyb See also 38 weeks pregnant what to expect

The mother would be required to keep a track of the ovulation week 38 baby movements and then report to the doctor if there is any decrease or increase in week 38 baby movementst In fact the pregnancy week 38 baby movements can be felt by the mother in the form of a tingling sensation in her vagina sometimese This reaction is mostly caused because the baby has accidentally kicked a nerve while it makes itself comfortable inside the womb of the mothere Sometimes the pregnancy week 38 baby movements may also reduce to some extentn This is mostly because although the uterus typically stops growing from pregnancy week 38, the baby will continue to grow and will gradually run out of space to move about as much as it would earliere This should not be a cause for concern but should be reported to the doctor during the pregnancy week 38 check upu Pregnancy week 38 baby movement is also experienced by the mother as the baby moves closer to the pelvis in the head first positiono This will also result in a reduction in the pressure on the ribs of the mother however will increase the pressure on the bladder thereby resulting in frequent urination by the mothere Additionally during pregnancy week 38 the baby’s skin which was wrinkled will smoothen outu

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