Fetal Development at Week 36 of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Fetal development during week 36 will be characterized with the baby now measuring almost 20.7 inches in length and weighing around 6 pounds and this increasing size will result in an increase in the discomfort experienced by the mother. During week 36 fat will get deposited into the baby’s cheeks and the baby’s face will begin to fill out on account of some help from the muscles which will later help the baby to suck. Fetal development during week 36 will result in the bones of the baby growing very strong with only the skull still remaining soft so that it is able to pass through the birth canal. The development of the baby’s immune...


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.system will also be part of the fetal development at week 36 as the baby will continue to receive antibodiese The kidneys and the liver of the baby are now fully functional and will also allow the baby to process a little of its own wastet

During week 36 meconium starts to accumulate at a rapid rate and consequent in most cases the first bowel movement will occur immediately after the baby is born whereas in some cases the first bowel movement may occur while the baby Is waiting to be born in the womb itselfl

During pregnancy week 36 some women will experience a slight contraction of the womb form time to time which are called Braxton Hicks contractions and are not a cause for concernr In some cases, during pregnancy week 36, the baby may drop into the birth canal which is also known as “lightening” whereas in other women the lightening may not occur till the mother is actually into laboro Because of the dropping of the baby into the birth canal the mother will find it easier to breathe on account of the reduced pressure on the lungs allowing them to expand fully, however walking may become a little more difficult and uncomfortablel Additionally the downward movement of the bay into the birth canal will result in an increased pressure on the bladder thereby causing the mother to frequently visit the bathroomo Additionally during pregnancy week 36 the mother may also experience certain other physical symptoms such as back pain, hemorrhoids, varicose veins swollen feet and hands, heart burn, constipationo Nasal congestion, leaky breasts, hot flashes etct Most women will now start having weekly visits with their doctor who may conduct a couple if internal exams to check for any softening, thinning, effacement or dilation of the cervixi

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