Fetal Development in Second Trimester

A full term pregnancy consists of nine months or forty weeks or three trimesters. Each trimester brings new changes in fetal development. The second trimester comprises of week 13 to week 26. Each week stimulates growth in your child.

Fetal Development Week 13 to Week 16

Your baby grows from 3 inches long to 5 inches by the end of 16 weeks. The weight of your child increases from an ounce to three and half ounces. Within a short span of three weeks your baby’s bone development takes form. Tiny ribs begin to appear.


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Fetal Development Week 24

.Your baby’s gender will be more apparent and red blood cells start forming in your baby’s spleene Your baby’s skeleton takes form which you can see with the help of ultrasound imagese Ears reach their final position while facial muscles developo With the development of the facial muscles, your baby appears to exhibit various emotions such as sucking, frowning and squintingn

Fetal Development Week 17 to Week 20

This period of growth is marked by the accumulation of fat depositst Fat deposits help the baby keep warm and also provide energy to the babyb The ears of your baby will now become more pronouncede Your baby can now hear the sounds inside you and he/she will also get startled by loud noises in your environmentn Your baby can also recognize your voice and the baby’s sensory development advances to the final stageg Your child now weighs around six ounces and is about 6 inches longn The lungs develop and the baby begins to inhale and exhale amniotic fluidi The urinary tract and circulatory system also takes shapep

Fetal Development Week 21 to Week 24

The baby is now covered with fatty substances that keep the baby warm, protect the skin in amniotic fluid and also helps ease deliveryr Your baby’s weight increases from being about three fourth of a pound to a pound and is now about 12 inches longn The eyebrows and eyelids are fully developede The fingernails also now cover the fingertipsp Your baby inhales amniotic fluid as a breathing practicec The baby appears like a newborn now except that the baby does not look very chubbyb

Fetal Development Week 25 to Week 26

Your baby now weighs more than a pound and about two pounds by the end of the second trimester and has little baby fata The baby now fills the space in your uterus and has a rapidly growing braini The baby now makes clear breathing movements though the lungs are not filled with airi The baby may now like to explore the interiors of your uterusu The baby’s lungs, liver and immune system continue to developo

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