Week By Week Fetal Development

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 17, 2012

On average, the duration of a pregnancy can be broadly segregated into three stages, which are more commonly known as the three trimesters of pregnancy. Each trimester consists of approximately three months. On average, a pregnancy can last from anywhere between 37 weeks to 42 weeks. The first trimester of pregnancy includes the gestational stage and lasts till the woman completes three months. Once she enters her fourth month, she is in the second trimester of pregnancy; this stage lasts till the end of the sixth month. The third (and last) trimester of pregnancy begins when a woman enters the seventh month...


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.of pregnancyc The final trimester lasts till the woman gives birth to her babyb

However, most doctors and medical practitioners prefer to monitor the week by week fetal development, it is much easier and more accurate to calculate and refer to the various stages of pregnancy and fetal development, in weeksk

Given below, are some week by week fetal development guidelines:

In the initial stages of pregnancy, many women are actually unaware that they are pregnantn The first to the third weeks of pregnancy mainly revolve around the fertilization of the egg, which then moves into the uterusu In the fourth week, the implantation process beginsn Most women only realize that they are pregnant in the 5th week of pregnancy, as that is when most of the symptoms become evidentn This time also marks the buildup of amniotic fluid and the formation of the placentat

Fetal development moves at a moderate pace between weeks 6 and 13, when the fetus weighs about one ounce and measures about three inches in lengtht In the 13th week, it is possible to determine the baby’s gendereThe 14th week marks the beginning of the second trimestere At the start of the second trimester, the baby weighs about an ounce and a half and is around three and an half inches longn Fetal development during this stage is quite rapid, which may even include fetal movementst During this stage, babies become more active and even respond to touchc The baby grows considerably in the next few weeks and also undergoes several physical changese The second trimester ends with the completion of the 26th week, where the baby should weigh a pound and seven ounces and should measure 14 inches in lengtht The 27th week indicates the beginning of the third (and final) trimester, where babies normally weigh 2 pounds and are 1415 inches longn Fetal development mainly includes the growth of braini Physically, the baby gains weight and strength, till the time of deliveryr There are some children who are born in the 27th week, but they only have 80% chances of survivala However, after crossing 37 weeks, it is quite normal for a doctor to monitor the week by week fetal development, to reduce the risk of any complicationsn

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