Fetal Development at Week 27 of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

The twenty-seventh week of pregnancy is the last week of the second trimester. During this week, it is quite possible for you to notice new symptoms like occasional muscle cramps in the legs, in addition to back aches. This occurs mainly because the uterus, which is expanding, puts pressure on some of your veins and nerves. These cramps may worsen, as the pregnancy progresses. It may be around this time that you will really start gaining weight, which usually lasts till the thirty-sixth week. Monitor your weight gain carefully and check if the weight is distributed evenly or not. It is quite natural for the breasts...


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.to increase drastically in weight and some of the other weight to go to the fluids in the body, such as the blood volume and the amniotic fluidi Stay away from sweets and other unhealthy foods that just add to the weight, but have no nutritional valueu

Fetal development in week 27 will cause your baby to hit the 2 pound mark (which is around 900 grams) and he should measure about 1414 inches long (which is 3636 cm)m

Fetal development in week 27 will also mean that your baby can open and close his/her eyes by now, and he/ she will start sleeping and staying awake, at regular intervalsl It is also quite common for unborn babies to get hiccups during this week, which cause rhythmic movements that can often be felt by the mothere Fetal development in week 27 is rapid, especially with regard to the braini You can share conversations, music as well as books, with your babyb When the network of the nerves in the ears is complete, the baby’s hearing continues to develop and soon, the baby may start recognizing the voice of the mother, as well as the fathere In addition to that, fetal development in week 27 will see the baby’s lungs continue to develop, while he or she tries to take in small breaths of amniotic fluidi The retina will have also formed and the baby may be able to distinguish between light and the darkr Physically, it is absolutely natural for the baby’s skin to get wrinkled because of floating in fluidi The skin will probably continue to stay wrinkled, until afterbirth, where your newborn starts filling out a biti

The symptoms and the stages of fetal development in week 27as mentioned above are what most mothers and babies go through at 27 weeksk In case you have any concerns about your pregnancy, please speak to your health care provider about iti

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