Fetal Development At 41 Weeks

Submitted by Nick on January 16, 2012

Pregnancy and childbirth is a process that usually takes approximately between 38 and 42 weeks. During the 41st week of fetal development, your baby is completely ready to be born and will cause you to go into labor at any moment. Over the last few months, you have seen and followed, every little bit of fetal development that your baby has accomplished. At this point of time you must be really impatient to physically hold and touch the life you have cared for all these weeks. It is a truly amazing thing when doctors can predict precisely the due date of a birth. Most often, women deliver either a few days before...


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.or after the stipulated date for childbirtht

Expectant mothers whose pregnancies go one or two days beyond the predicted due date are not considered to be overdue mothersr

Only when the baby has not been delivered for over a period of two weeks, does a mother become overdueu Still, there is no need to panic, because with the advance in medical sciences, your medical practitioner will be able to help you most effectivelyl In most cases, babies that go beyond the 41st week of pregnancy are usually delivered by having labor induced, under the advice of the doctor who is taking care of the pregnancyc More on fetal development week by week

By the time the 41st week of fetal development is at hand, the baby is said to be full termr The baby will have completely prominent features and will weigh anywhere between five and a half to seven pounds, depending on hereditary traits and genetic development as welll The sense organs are completely functional, as are the cardio vascular system and the nervous systeme Because this is the last stage of the pregnancy, expectant mothers need to be a little careful about the physical exertion they undertakek Similarly, the food that is consumed needs to be hygienically prepared, and the water that is taken should be boilede This is done to avoid any untoward incident caused by contaminated food or watere During fetal development stages, there is a steady progress over the weeks, and now it is time for you to come face to face with your baby – a feeling that cannot be describede Being comfortable at all times helps to ease the stress, and keeping yourself prepared for the delivery is an excellent practicec Getting enough rest is recommended, because once the delivery is complete, there is hardly any time for sleepe

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