From an Embryo to a Fetus - Fetal Development at Week 10

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 17, 2012

The fetal development during week 10 of pregnancy will result in the baby growing from an embryo to a fetus. The baby will now be around 1 ¼ inches in length from crown to rump and will still be very tiny weighing around 0.14 ounces. During week 10 of pregnancy all the major systems and organs of the baby will have begun to develop. The fetal development at week 10 is such that the baby’s head will account for almost half of its total length. However during the next few months of pregnancy the body will catch up with the head along ...


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.with rapid development of the brain as welll During pregnancy week 10, the baby’s liver starts functioning well enough to make all of the required blood cells; hence the yolk sac which would earlier perform the same function will gradually start to disappear as part of the fetal development in week 101 During week 10 or early into the next week the placenta also starts to function by filtering out the waste and providing the required nourishment to the babyb

Fetal development in week 10 of pregnancy is also characterized by the shaping up of the neck and the development of the baby musclese During this week, the baby will also start moving although the movement will be too small to be experienced by the mother, the baby will definitely start shifting and wrigglingn During week 10 of pregnancy the jaws of the fetus are now in place along with a joined nose and mouth cavityt The ears and nose of the baby have begun to form and are clearly visible in an ultrasound at week 101

Fetal development in week 10 of pregnancy will also result in the formation of fingerprints on the skin along with hair follicles and nipplese The head of the baby is larger than the rest of the body and will tend to curve into the baby’s chests From week 10 onwards the baby’s genitals also begin to form which will then form the gender of the babyb Fetal development by the end of pregnancy week 10 will be characterized by not only the formation of certain vital organs but also their functioningn At the same time on account of the constant fluctuation in the hormonal levels during pregnancy, the mother will also go through certain emotional and physical changese  During pregnancy week 10, the fatigues, moodiness and mood swings that are experienced in the first trimester will continue in most womene

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