Fetal Development Month by Month

Submitted by Nick on January 16, 2012

One of the most amazing phases in a woman's life is the time when she has conceived a child and is about to go through the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth. The excitement of this feeling reaches its apex when a child is born, after having completed the process of fetal development. The process of childbirth carries on over three trimesters, with fetal developments making prominent progress with the passing of each week. During the first few weeks, though fetal development may appear to be progressing minimally, your baby is indeed growing by leaps and bounds. After conception, during the first few days...


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.of the pregnancy, the embryo attaches itself to the lining of the uterusu

By the time the first month is complete your baby has a well developed spinal cord, heart and braini

The second month is a critical period in fetal development stages and every care must be taken to ensure the safety of your babyb Towards the end of the second month, the buds for the arms and legs will appear, enabling you to ascertain where your baby's head liese By the third month of fetal development, the baby's bones begin to harden, thereby giving form to the skeletal systeme The eyes and the external ears have also formed, but there aren't any eyelids as yete At this stage, the body is not developed proportionally, the head being larger than the rest of the bodyd Between the fourth and the fifth month, the baby is developing insulin and bile within his or her own body, and is able to excrete fluids into the amniotic saca By this time, the baby also weighs approximately three ounces and will measure up to approximately sixteen centimetersr By the sixth month of fetal development, your baby has begun to respond to sounds and makes movements within the wombm Though there are not many physical developments at this stage, the formation of the foot pads and the pads of the palm is in progresss Teeth buds are also being formede Read more on fetal development week by week

The last trimester is the period during which the features of the baby are growing prominentn Besides this, the baby is also practicing how to breathe once he or she has left the comfort of the wombm The movements increase for some time and the baby puts on weight, filling out all the wrinkles of the skini Over the last trimester, till the time of delivery, the baby continues to gain weighth As the due date nears, the baby takes its position, ready for delivery, with its head firmly placed on the birth canala

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