Fetal Growth in Mother's Embryo

Submitted by Nick on December 19, 2012

In a pregnancy, almost every day means something new has happened with the baby in your womb. Your pregnancy will go through three trimesters or through nine months or through at least 38 weeks of pregnancy.

The baby development stages in a mother’s womb can be tracked with the help of the fetal growth chart. Baby development stages in the womb change almost every week. The fetal growth chart measures the weight and height of the baby every week so you can see microscopic changes that happen. Through...


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...the nine months the baby grows from a few inches to about 7 pounds and 20 inches long. This monthly or weekly chart helps determine whether everything is normal with the baby. Also see fetal development week by week

A pregnancy lasts about 38 weeks but can extend to 40 to 42 weeks. The longer the baby stays in the womb, the better chances of living a strong life outside the womb. From conception to week 12 is considered the first trimester. The baby development stages in the embryo start in the first trimester itself. The pregnancy first trimester is when all the baby’s organs form including the head. But the fetus does not yet resemble a baby.

The maximum baby development stages in the fetus happen in the second trimester. All the baby’s organs grow to size in this trimester. The baby could also start sucking its thumb and also develop fine hair all over called lanugo. You and your baby will also grow rapidly in this trimester. You will start to show quite a bit in this trimester. The body will also see many hormonal changes in this period. The baby also gets a face. The mother’s body will start to produce prolactin in this trimester, which will produce colostrum, the highly nutritive mother’s milk which is fed to the baby soon after he is born. Colostrum is known to have great immunity building qualities and is a must for babies. The eyes of your baby will open in the womb by the 25-26th week. If the baby is born in this trimester, it stands a good chance of surviving in the world outside.

Towards the end of the pregnancy second trimester and the beginning of the third trimester, the baby starts to hear and respond to sounds, especially the loud voices and sounds. The mother will feel the startled movement of the baby. By the end of this trimester between week 38 and week 40, the baby’s head will position itself over the cervix, getting ready for the birth.

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