Visible Fetal Movements During Second Pregnancy

You're having your second baby and with a little one already on your hands, you do feel like you're spending little or no time thinking about your current pregnancy. Any pangs of guilt you feel about not paying enough attention can be laid aside because the little one in your stomach will make its presence known much sooner.

It is commonly believed that fetal movement during second pregnancy is a lot sooner than the first one.

Fetal Movement Second Pregnancy


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Fetal Movement Second Pregnancy

You also begin to show a little sooner than your first pregnancy as your uterus has become more flexible. Therefore, with your baby bump being visible even before you start your second trimester; it is only natural that you'll feel your baby's movements earlier than last time.

During a first pregnancy women feel the baby moving anytime between 20 and 28 weeks. In some cases you might feel it by the eighteenth week as well. However, in your second pregnancy, you could feel fetal movement as early as 15 weeks although this won't be too distinctive. Within a couple of weeks however you should feel your baby moving. In 28 weeks this movement is pretty continuous and if there you sense no movement for a whole day then it's time to consult a doctor.

First Fetal Movements Second Pregnancy

The very first fetal movements are termed as quickening and these feel like little flutters in the stomach. These movements can happen even in 13 weeks although it may be hard for you to distinguish this from gas.

As your baby grows, your uterus expands to accommodate the child; even so, as the baby's limbs develop it will need to stretch. As your baby's arms and feet develop, it begins to flex it in your uterus resulting in frequent punching and kicking sensations.

Since the baby is in a fluid filled sac towards the end of the third trimester you can even feel its head rolling from one end to the other. Also, as many mothers soon realize, their babies are attuned to them and begin to respond to their voice and emotions. At times if you're sitting in a position that's uncomfortable for your baby, he/she will roll around or kick you to let you know.

Fetal Movement Second Trimester

Towards the end of your second trimester, your baby's movements will become regular and you will be able to keep track of the kicking and rolling. You will also begin to discern when your baby sleeps and when he/she is awake. For instance, right after a meal several women experience vigorous kicking. Each baby has his/her own pattern and in a couple of weeks you'll be able to identify it. Once you know the pattern, if you notice any lack of movement for more than a day, you know it's time to consult a doctor. If this is your second pregnancy, then you'll be able to detect the pattern much sooner and you'll also know that after 32 weeks, your baby's movements are not as vigorous as before because there isn't enough room in the uterus for elaborate movements. Rest assured you can still feel your baby squirm and roll.

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