Early Signs In Second Time Pregnant Mother

Your preschooler is dawdling over breakfast and your pregnancy stick has just confirmed it - you're pregnant again. It's hard to sort through the myriad thoughts running through your head. If you've been trying to get pregnant the second time, then obviously the first reaction will be sublime joy.

If you hadn't planned on it, well, firstly you're going to be stunned and it will be a while before anything else hits you.

Once the shock has faded, you're going to spend a fair amount of time reminiscing about your first pregnancy partly to ensure you haven't forgotten what to do at such times. It's time to bring down the pregnancy books you read the first time around for a quick refresher.


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Physical Changes During Second Pregnancy

A second pregnancy physically is not much different from a first one. The emotional difference though is huge. Largely because women are less anxious about the process the second time around.

There are however certain physical changes that can occur quicker than they did when you were pregnant the first time around.

It is quite likely that you will show earlier in the second pregnancy that you did the first time. The first time around, the bump appears from the fourth month onwards and shopping for maternity clothes begins from then on. In a second pregnancy, you might start showing in your third month. Some women show as early as the eighth week. Maternity clothes are brought out of the closet by the twelfth week.

This is because your uterus has experienced pregnancy before and the muscles of the abdomen are not as firm as they were before your first pregnancy. The uterine wall has expanded once before making the muscles more flexible this time and hence causes the bump to show earlier than you'd like the second time around.

Your body changes after pregnancy and if you have added weight since then, it will create changes in your second pregnancy. Not only will you show early, this time around you will feel more fatigued. The fatigue is a combination of factors. One factor is that your body has changed as you would have aged a little since your last pregnancy. In addition to this, you have another child to take care of, allowing you not enough time for rest.

Also, because you might start showing early, you could also experience the feeling of heaviness that comes from carrying a baby much earlier. So, if you're having a second child or intending to have one, be prepared to embrace maternity clothes much earlier than you did when you were pregnant the first time.

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