Choosing Maternity Clothes for Tall Women

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on May 9, 2012

Being tall in today’s world is considered an advantage by both, men and women. Many women wish they were taller than what they are, mainly because they think it would allow them to wear clothes that short people had best avoid. Ironically, women who are above average in height often lament about how difficult it is for them to find fashionable clothes that fit well. This task could become all the more challenging for tall women who are pregnant. Being a tall, pregnant woman, you could spend hours at maternity wear stores or even branded clothes stores that have a maternity wear collection, without finding a top that covers your belly adequately.


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In the first few weeks of pregnancy, you may be able to get away with regular clothes in a bigger size, as you mainly gain weight on the bust area. However, as you enter your second trimester, the pregnancy bulge will become more evident and you may need to think about changing your wardrobe. This is when you will need to start looking for maternity clothes for tall women.

Which option is better customized or designer

Every clothing manufacturer may have a different idea of what a tall woman is. Brands that fit one tall, pregnant woman perfectly may be a bit snug or loose for you. Therefore, if you have the time and can afford it, you may want to approach a designer who can make customized clothes for you, as per your body-structure, preferences and requirements. However, if you are short of time and do not want to spend more than necessary, stick to the maternity wear available at most specialty stores.

What maternity clothes should tall women buy?

Every pregnant woman should own at least one pair of maternity jeans, in addition to other options like

  • Dress pants and drawstring pants
  • Tights and leggings
  • Skirts (knee-length and longer)
  • Dresses, especially with an empire waist
  • Tops like tunics, dress shirts and cardigans
  • Jackets and blazers
  • Swim wear (long torso)
  • Maternity under garments

Prepare a list of your daily activities and the types of clothes you will need for each. Depending upon your lifestyle the clothing items you need to buy will vary. However, you probably do not want to buy too many trousers or shirts just for work, socializing or exercising, as you will not wear your maternity clothes for very long. To increase the versatility in your wardrobe, you can pick up

  • 2 pairs of maternity jeans
  • 2 pairs of trousers for work (in basic colors like black and blue or gray)
  • 2 cardigans in different colors
  • 2 long sleeved tops
  • 1 knee-length skirt
  • 1 jacket or blazer
  • 1 suit (pants or skirt) for formal occasions
  • 1 dress for social wear
  • 1 maternity bras and some underwear
  • 2 pairs of low-heel shoes

While shopping, make sure that you choose colors that are neutral and can be easily matched with other pieces of clothing. You could buy more tops than trousers, as they are easier for find for tall women and also cost less.

Where to buy maternity clothes for tall women?

There is no specific place or store that is best for tall, pregnant women, unless you get them custom-made. If you have tall friends who have been pregnant, you could ask them where they managed to fit good-fitting clothes from. If you find it difficult to go store-hopping for maternity clothes, you may want to consider online shopping. Before you make any changes to your wardrobe, it may be a good idea for you to consult your doctor and get an approval about the choices you make.

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