Cheap Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy can be fun as it gives you a chance to see and dress your body differently. It is a common notion that maternity clothes are expensive.

Don't let that worry spoil your fun, because there are several cheap maternity clothes options that you can always opt for. The key to dressing well is to think smart and creatively, while not compromising on your comfort or stylish look.


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You do not need to revamp your wardrobe completely if you are pregnant. You can easily get yourself some trendy, cheap maternity clothes that look stylish and are also comfortable to wear. Add oomph to your casual outfits by accessorizing it well. Pick up bright jewelry like beaded necklaces or trendy chokers, wear a pair of funky shoes and match it with a smart handbag. You can also use a scarf or sling a light sweater around your shoulder to make yourself stylish.

Pencil skirts worn with swingy shirts, empire waist dresses and tops and a-line shifts are all stylish maternity clothes. No need to specifically go looking for maternity clothes, you can just pick them up from the plus size stores. Stretchy gauchos worn under loose shirts or tops look great. Just about any outfit, made of a stretchy, slingy material looks good on pregnant woman at all stages of their pregnancy. They are also not very expensive but reasonably priced.

You can continue dressing in the same way when you are pregnant. If you like solid colors, build your wardrobe around that. You don't have to revamp your wardrobe with floral or prints just because you are pregnant.

Lots of women wonder where to buy cheap maternity clothes. There are several online websites that sell cheap maternity clothes along with designer wear. There are websites where you can buy second hand clothes at reasonable prices.

You can also look at thrifty stores and consignment shops for cheap maternity clothes. It would help if the material is cotton, rayon or stretchy.

There are some options for cheap maternity clothes that you can look at while planning your wardrobe during these months.

  • Maternity clothes are more expensive than regular clothes so you can consider borrowing from friends who have had babies before buying.
  • You can check websites for cheap or second hand maternity clothes that are in good condition.
  • Go through your partner's wardrobe and dig out clothes that you can use – use his shirts to wear over slacks and accessorize with bangles, chokers and earrings to give it a feminine touch.
  • In the initial months of your pregnancy, use a belly band to keep your trousers and jeans unzipped and unbuttoned. This band helps you keep the trouser in place, while giving you the extra inches needed in the initial months
  • Dig in your wardrobe for wrap around skirts. They are comfortable and can see you through your pregnancy without much fussing.
  • You can buy nice quality yoga pants and skirts, and pants with soft elastic bands or drawstrings for formal wear.
  • Accessories are a great way to give a different look to your outfit. You can wear simple clothes and invest in great looking accessories like big beads, funky shoes, matching handbags and even a colorful scarf. You will be able to use these even after you deliver and will not be a short term investment.
  • Invest in flat slip-ons when you buy shoes during your pregnancy. They are not only easy to wear because you don't have to bend down to lace them up, but they are also cheaper and more comfortable.
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