Maternity Clothing for Professional Women

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on April 26, 2012

The news of your pregnancy can cause varied feelings and emotions. In addition to the joy of having a baby, you are also dreading the amount of money you are going to spend on new suits and work-clothes every month. Fortunately, pregnant women no longer have to buy oversized clothes every month just to fit in with their colleagues. There are several clothes manufacturing brands that specialize in professional maternity clothes. You should be able to find maternity clothes for professional women at any specialty maternity store or any store that stocks maternity wear.


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As you can guess, maternity clothes for professional women include shirts, trousers, dresses, blazers, jackets and suits.

What types of maternity shirts are suitable for working women?

In the initial stages of pregnancy, you can wear regular work shirts, even under your jackets and suits.

Just make sure that your shirts are a bit roomy on the bust as that is where you gain most of your weight in the first few weeks. However, once the pregnancy bulge appears, you will need to invest in new shirts. Several clothing stores now have maternity work shirts which are quite loose around the waist and can be worn till the last trimester.

In addition to your shirts, make sure that you add a few cardigans to your wardrobe. Cardigans cover up your bulge and can be very useful if the weather is unpredictable. Moreover, you can don a jacket over your cardigan, in case you are attending an important meeting. This piece of clothing goes with trousers and skirts for formal days, and jeans on casual days.

Tunics are another great addition to any pregnant woman’s wardrobe, as they can be worn for a long period of time. You can wear your tunic with a knee-length skirt and add a belt above the waist, to make it look more formal.

Types of maternity trousers are suitable for working women?

During pregnancy, most women are asked to avoid wearing trousers with bands that dig into their tummies. Instead, invest in a few pairs of maternity trousers that look just like regular trousers, but have an elastic panel at the tummy. Opt for neutral colors like black, grey, blue, brown and beige, as they look quite formal and are appropriate for the workplace. Clothing brands are now manufacturing wide-leg office trousers or slim-fit trousers for women who are pregnant. You can choose the trousers that best fit you, according to your body type.

What are the options for plus size pregnant working women?

Pregnant working women often lament the challenges they face in finding plus size maternity wear. What you could do in such cases is buy fitting maternity dresses in your size and combine it with jacket, a shrug or even leggings. Choose dresses like black, tan and white, so that they can be accented with colors such as brown, red and grey.

Which are the best places to buy professional maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes for working women are now easily available at any specialty maternity wear store. Many leading brands also now have a separate clothing line for pregnant professionals.  If you do not relish the thought of a shopping trip that could last for hours, you can also order these clothes from online retailers.

Since your body changes considerably during pregnancy, it is only natural for you to worry about the clothes you are going to wear. However, do remember that you can reinforce your professional image with not just what you wear, but also your jewelry, accessories, makeup, shoes and hair style.

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