Stylish & Trendy Maternity Clothes for Pregnant Women

You need not compromise on your personal fashion style because you are pregnant and your body has changed considerably.  There is no reason to cover your body in huge baggy pants or oversized t-shirts, as there are several options for really trendy and stylish maternity clothing. Dress fashionably for your daily walk down the promenade and to the high profile business meeting.

You instantly wear on confidence when you groom yourself well and feel enthused to work.


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Hormonal changes lead to mood swings and depression in pregnancy, the best way to fight it is by pampering yourself.

Shop Wisely

You need not spend extravagantly on stylish maternity clothing.  Unless you are the celebrity who can afford to splurge, you can stick to affordable clothes that are chic and will last you up to a year.  Your body will either get back to its former shape or might alter a bit after pregnancy, so buying new clothes at this time would be quite unreasonable. You can borrow clothes, or buy them second hand from friends and colleagues who have been pregnant before you.  Shop online or at thrifty and consignment stores. Several clothing lines sell their trendy products online, offering a wide range of sizes with minimum shipping costs. These are resourceful options for maternity clothes shopping.

Size Sighs!

Some women worry about the unavailability of plus size maternity clothes. Most baby and mother care stores have maternity clothes for plus size women. Usually the size that you are in pre pregnancy is the same size that you will be in pregnancy, so you should look for stores that have plus size clothes for regular women. You can also look at men’s stores for some basic shirts and stretchy exercise pants for your regular wear. The other option is to get some clothes tailored to your size and style, while taking a few basic designs from maternity clothing lines.

Tips for Buying Stylish Maternity Dresses

Here are some tips on how to choose stylish maternity wear and what exactly to include in your maternity wardrobe.

Fashionistas can choose from a vast range of hip, trendy maternity clothes available at a wide range of prices in the market.
Trendy and stylish dressing during pregnancy would include everything from maternity jeans to maternity t-shirts, fancy maternity dresses to maternity skinny jeans.

Being healthy during your pregnancy and maintaining a regular exercise routine is highly recommended. Invest in pre-pregnancy exercise or yoga clothes, as you cannot exercise in ill fitting or tight clothes in pregnancy. Make sure you purchase good quality maternity lingerie, as they contribute greatly to your comfort in pregnancy. To minimize risk of infections, get yourself cotton, roomy underpants.

Working pregnant women need to take a little more care of themselves. Since you spend most of your time at work, it is important to feel comfortable and light.  There are options available for comfortable maternity lingerie, maternity hosiery and tights. There are separate brands of skincare available for skin problems during pregnancy. Maternity work pants, maternity leggings, formal dresses, jackets and skirts should continue to be your dressing style during pregnancy. Tunic tops are quite trendy and you can team them up with slim leggings.  Dresses with gathers below the waist hem are also extremely popular.

Take care to choose good footwear as the wrong shoes can cause backaches and trigger other pains in pregnancy.  Avoid high heels and stilettos. Choose flat shoes with kitten heels or low chunky heels. Buy slip ons instead of buckled shoes, as it will become difficult to bend down and strap up your shoes in the later stages of your pregnancy. Post-pregnancy, you can rely on trendy diaper bags to keep you organized and fashionable when you start moving out with the baby in public places. You should also buy nice accessories like scarves, bags and shoes that you will be able to use even after the baby is born.

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