What to Wear at Work Place During Pregnancy

You’ve got The Whole World

You are filled with excitement and you weep out of joy, the news of your pregnancy makes you feel blest and instantly nervous. After you’ve been advised on foods to eat and things to be aware of by ecstatic relatives, you now sit by yourself and look into the future.

What suddenly occurs to you, after images of the baby, are clothes you need to buy yourself. Since your body is to transform, you feel the need to buy new work clothes.


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Here are a few tips on how you can dress formally for work when you are pregnant, without really spending a fortune. You can look as presentable as before, looking sexier than ever.

Don’t Worry-Be Happy!

During the first trimester, you need not buy maternity work clothes. You can continue wearing your regular clothes with slight moderations. Stay comfortable, leave the top button of your regular trousers undone and hide it by leaving your top untucked.  To give yourself some extra breathing space around your belly, you can loop a rubber band through your trouser buttonhole and then wrap it around the button. This gives you that extra inch of comfort you surely need. You can also try a handy accessory called belly band. This stretchy band holds your pants up, so that they stay firm when you leave them unzipped. You can do the same with your formal skirts.

Just a Little Comfort!

The second trimester is when you start looking like you have gained some weight. It is still too early to start buying ‘maternity clothes’ but you will have to buy some new comfort clothes. At this stage, you may consider buying office skirts and trousers with elastic or drawstring waistbands, a size or two bigger than your regular size. You can try stretchy yoga pants made of thick rayon or cotton, or trendy low raise pants that set below your belly. Wear long jackets and cardigans, tunic tops and sweaters or loose shirts and leggings during this transition period. Clothes you pick up at this stage can be reused after childbirth, nursing and during the stage when you are trying to get back to normal size, so it makes sense to invest in such good quality clothes.

If you are looking for very formal business attires, get yourself five main pieces of clothes in similar and complimentary shades, and preferably in the same fabric.

Get a skirt, jacket, trouser, dress and tunic top. Get creative, mix and match all these to look different each day. For example, you can match the jacket with the pants, skirt, and dress alternatively. You can also pick up some loose sweaters and tops to match with these combinations.

Maternity work trousers and maternity work shirts should be made of non binding fabrics and fabrics that will stretch. Cotton, jersey, knits and viscose are good choices to stick to during this period.

Maternity trousers should have enough room for you to move your legs comfortably. They should have stretchy belly panels and empire waist ties for easy growth and movement of the baby. The belly panel should also provide a comfortable grip around the belly and support the back. However, the grip should not be too tight, especially when you sit down, since this will hamper the blood circulation in the stomach and lower abdomen areas. You spend a major part of your day at work, and therefore it is very important that you put comfort above all other fashion and style rules.

For maternity work shirts, go for designs like the empire cuts to flatter your shape. Most maternity shirts have extra cloth around the belly to fit in the natural body shape and make you comfortable, while not accentuating your belly too much.

Plus size formal maternity wear can be ordered online and you can choose from a whole range of brands. Maternity sizes are normally the same as your normal size. That is, if you are normally a size large or extra large, you will continue to have the same size for your maternity clothes. Unless you are carrying twins, your need not worry much about getting extra large sizes.  

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