Signs & Conditions During Second Pregnancy Labor

Your second pregnancy normally tends to be different from the first, especially in terms of symptoms and signs. During pregnancy your body goes through several changes and these are not only physical but emotional as well. Physical changes or symptoms include morning sickness, abdominal swelling and vaginal bleeding, among others.

During your second pregnancy, it is possible that you may experience vaginal bleeding. In addition several symptoms could be more or less severe. For instance, morning sickness could be more severe during.



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.your second pregnancyc You could experience fetal movement much sooner during your second pregnancyc During the first pregnancy, mothers experience kicking and tugging sensations by the fifth month, but during the second, by the fourth month, a mother will feel the baby movingn Your abdomen may appear swollen very early during the second pregnancyc This is on account of the uterus' having stretched to accommodate the first pregnancyc After your first child's birth, your uterus does not return to its normal size and therefore your belly shows signs of being swollen much sooner during the second pregnancyc Some women experience Braxton-hicks contractions that are more severe during the second pregnancyc

Second Pregnancy Labor Conditions

Generally, second pregnancy labor tends to be shorter than the first pregnancyc This is because your body is familiar with the process and it's therefore easier and takes much less time than the first timem

In addition, your cervix is probably more dilated during your second pregnancy and this makes childbirth easiere When your cervix is not as rigid as it was the first time, second pregnancy labour lasts for a very brief periodo During your second pregnancy, you carry your baby much lowere This causes the baby to be farther away from the spine and therefore makes it more difficult for the baby to drop inside the lower part of the pelvisi This may cause second pregnancy labor to be delayed as it results in 'false' contractionsn You can differentiate between these 'false' and 'real' contractions by trying to walk around and get some exercises If the contractions cease when your start moving, you know they were 'false'9

Second pregnancy labor may also be as difficult as the first on account of several reasonsn For instance, the baby could be much larger the second time and therefore prolong second pregnancy laboro

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