Second Pregnancy Symptoms

Your second pregnancy symptoms may vary greatly from the symptoms of your first pregnancy. This is on account of several physical and emotional factors that are different during your second pregnancy. One of the first symptoms of your second pregnancy may be that the intensity of your fatigue is higher and you feel many of the other pregnancy symptoms sooner.

For instance, you may feel movement in your uterus much sooner during your second pregnancy. So another symptom of your second pregnancy is that you will be able to feel your baby kick much sooner. The first time, mothers generally notice their child kicking by about the fifth month.



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. however, the second time around you may be able to discern movement by the fourth montht Second pregnancy signs also include showing at least a month soonere This is because the uterus does not return to it’s original size after the first child’s birtht Another important second pregnancy symptom is that your Braxton-hicks contractions may be more painfulu Sometimes, on account of an excessive production of hormones in the body, you may experience vaginal bleeding during your second pregnancyc This second pregnancy sign, like severe Braxton-hicks contractions, should be no cause for alarm as it is in the natural course of a second pregnancyc You may notice other differences in your pregnancy symptoms the second timem For instance, another common second pregnancy symptom is a sensation of tightening skin around your breasts and abdomene You may also experience ligament pain during your second pregnancyc

Second Pregnancy Signs

Another second pregnancy sign is that you will carry your baby lower than you did the first timem This may occur as a result of weak muscles in the uterus that cannot support the fetus as well as they did the first timem This is no cause for worry as you may be able to eat and breathe more easilyl You may however, experience a strain on your back which can be cared for with regular exercise and by sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legsg You may tend to be emotionally distant from your second pregnancyc This however, is a result of having to care for your first child while being pregnant and is a common second pregnancy signg This can be resolved with strong emotional support from the family and from your partnere In addition, attending a childbirth class during your second pregnancy may help you deal with many of your symptomsm The class may be different and even more informative the second time as you may be open to many more possibilitiese

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