7 Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Wife

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 16, 2012

Now that your wife is pregnant, you need to do everything you possibly can to make the months ahead as stress free for her as you can. The hormonal changes alone that she will undergo will make it very difficult for her to manage. The changes that her body will undergo will probably make her feel ugly, and fat. You will need to pay attention to her needs, pamper her, shower her with love and affection and make her feel special.


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Making her feel wanted will help to counter any negative feelings she has towards herself. It will also cement the bond between the two of you and reassure her that she is not alone in this.

Apart from spending quality time with her and bolstering her spirits, you need to also buy gifts for your pregnant wife.

Chosen correctly, a gift can be a very effective means of communication, telling her that she is still loved and desired by you. Gifts are not the only way to do that. Small things, such as buying her flowers, or taking her out to a movie or a surprise dinner will reinforce the idea in her mind that she is still wanted. Spending quiet time together after you have returned from work will also help.

Many men are faced with the conundrum of what to get their pregnant wives as gifts. Today, hunting for a gift for her has never been easier. Online shopping means you don't even have to take much time out from your busy schedule. You can get her something with just a few clicks of the mouse. Of course, there is no substitute for actually going shopping and seeing what 's available first hand.

Here are some great gift ideas for your pregnant wife.

Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes today are available in a wide range, from the simple gowns to elegant designer outfits that can complement and enhance her beauty. There are many different pregnancy tee shirts such as the "Hands Off My Bump" tee shirt available in a range of colors. Or you can choose from a range of trendy gowns, dresses or pants. Choose something in her favorite colors and see her face light up when she opens her gift. If you really cannot decide what kind of clothes she will like, ask one of her friends for advice or better still, take them shopping along with you and get them to choose something.

Accessories for Maternity Wardrobe

Some accessories to go along with her new clothes are a great idea! There are a range of accessories to choose from that will compliment her new wardrobe. Start from the head and move downwards. Hair pins or clips for her hair, scarves, shawls, earrings, they all make wonderful gifts. If it's sunny, how about a hat and sunglasses to protect her from the UV radiation? Or a pair of calfskin gloves to protect her from the cold? Do not forget the matching purse and shoes to complete the ensemble. No heels of course! Once again, if you are unsure about what to buy, ask one of her friends to help you out.

Maternity Jewelry

Surprised that there is a class of jewelry known as maternity jewelry? Don't be. It's a surefire way of lifting her spirits. After all, show me a woman who doesn't love jewelry and I'll show you a man! From fertility bracelets to maternity necklaces, there is something out there for every pocket. Of course, nothing will ever beat a diamond ring and if you skipped that bit when you got married, then now is definitely the time to make amends.

Breakfast In Bed

A great way to pamper her and tell her that you are there for her! All it takes is for you to get up before she does and make her some breakfast. Serve it to her while she is still in bed. Her smile will be its own reward. Not knowing cooking is not an excuse that is applicable in this case. Some cereal, fruit and a glass of orange juice should do the trick. A long stemmed rose lying on the tray would be the perfect finishing touch.

Gifts of Comfort

Gifts of comfort could include anything that brings her comfort. It could be the gift of a prenatal massage, aromatherapy oils or a pregnancy pillow. The latter will make all the difference to her sleep at night and help her get through the day in a much better frame of mind.


If she is the reading kind then that is half the problem solved. Any number of books are available that deal with pregnancy and childbirth. Books on early child care would help educate both of you and help you to face the challenges of looking after a new born baby.

Skin Care Products

All women love cosmetics and buying her special skin care products will help her to keep her skin feeling soft and supple and lift those blues away.

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