Most Common Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Pregnancy is the consequence of the fertilization of egg and sperms during sexual intercourse. The resultant cell structure of fertilization is referred to as the zygote which divides and grows to form the fetus and ultimately the infant or the baby.

Pregnancy may be one of the most exciting phases of women’s lives, but at the same time, it is one of the toughest stages as well. A woman not only nurtures the child for nine months, but also suffers the immense pain of delivering the baby.


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Common Signs of Pregnancy

Here are some of the most common signs of pregnancy:
  • The most immediate sign of pregnancy is the missing of the menstrual phase of the reproductive cycle. This may be attributed to the fact that when a woman is pregnant, there is no ovum or egg that needs to disposed by way of menstruation. Also, the endometrial layer of the uterus is utilized in nourishing the fetus and as such, there is no accumulation of waste endometrium and blood to be dissipated by menstruation.
  • Pregnant women have unusual and frequent cravings, particularly for foods. Pregnant women generally crave for foods that are immensely sweet, spicy or sour.
  • One of the other prominent symptoms of pregnancy is frequent vomiting.
  • Pregnant women generally feel nauseated.
  • Pregnant women also experience an enlargement of their breasts.
  • Pregnant women also experience changes in their libido.
  • Another sign of pregnancy is the changes in skin in terms of texture.
  • Pregnant women may also experience changes in the shape of their uterus. The uterus enlarges.

  • Pregnant women tend to urinate more frequently.
  • Pregnant women also suffer from stretch marks on the abdomen due to the over stretching of the region to accommodate the growing fetus.
  • Pregnant women are also subject to mood swings.
  • Pregnant women generally feel fatigued and enervated.
  • Another major symptom of pregnancy is Montgomery’s tubercles.
  • Other major symptom of pregnancy is the leaking of colostrums from the breast.
  • Pregnant women also suffer from Braxton Hicks Contraction.
  • The enlargement of the abdomen is the most common symptom of pregnancy, although this is only visible in the second trimester.
  • Pregnant women also sense the movements of their baby.

These are a few very common symptoms of pregnancy. Of course, the most reliable method of diagnosing pregnancy is to get yourself checked by a gynecologist. There are also many home pregnancy test kits that are available in the market, although the results of such a test may be incorrect if the instructions are not followed correctly

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