Recording your Pregnancy: Best Gift for your New Born Baby

By Ashley | January 13, 2010
Recording Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is probably the most exciting and special phase in a woman’s life. With its good times and low times, struggles and joys, there is no other phase that can compete with this miracle of new birth.

As special as this time is, we find very often that there are very few memories that are vividly ingrained in our minds. By the time we want to tell our stories to our children or grandchildren, there is little left in our memory. Well, here are a few ideas that will help you record your pregnancy and preserve it for posterity.

  • Think about what format you want your record to be in. You can choose from a variety of formats such as letters, journals, articles, questions and answers, or photographs.
  • Think about who you want to address your record to. You can either write to your baby, your spouse, yourself, or just write in third person.
  • Think about when you want to start recording your pregnancy. You could start as early as from when you are thinking of getting pregnant, time of conception, your first doctor’s visit, or when you confirm your pregnancy.
  • The record can be written on a day to day, week to week, or month to month format.
  • After addressing the questions of who to address and when to begin, you can think about the time you want to spend on recording your pregnancy. Once you decide how much time, you can more easily decide the kind of details that must go into the report.
  • Keep aside a time of day or week that is specific to this purpose. Use this time to relax, think back and note down details either with pen, on the computer, or through pictures.
  • Be as creative as you can be. You can use small details such as recording newspaper articles of the dates you mention, describing the clothes you wore, or picking out flowers that were in bloom at the time and pressing them. There are no end to the number of ideas and ways to be creative and the best part is the ideas flow once you get on the job.
  • Do not limit your report to mere facts. Express the feelings you and your partner go through, the fears and doubts, and the joys and encouragement from loved ones. These are all details that you will want to remember as the years go by.

This record will probably one of the best gifts you can give your child when he/she reaches a stage when he/she can read and understand that you did this out of much love for him/her.

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