Essential Needs and Checklist of a Newborn Baby

When you have a baby come into your life, there many changes that affect not just your lifestyle but your home as well. Having a baby around the house is not safe until you have baby proofed the house properly so that the baby doesn’t hurt or injure itself inadvertently. A newborn baby needs a lot of attention in addition to just being fed.

Most people make a baby needs checklist that guides them through the things required by their baby. Almost all of the new born baby essentials are covered in such checklists.


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Here are some of these checklists that you can use:

Baby Safety Protection Checklist

With the arrival of a new born baby, you have to start re-looking at your house in terms of safety for your new born. Though many of these aspects of home safety do not become pressing till your child becomes mobile, you have to keep in mind the potential dangers and start preparing accordingly.

Here is a list of merchandise that you will need to baby proof your house:

Door stops, door knob covers, drawer latches, corner cushions, bed rails, toilet seat covers, smoke detectors, cabinet locks, night lights, disinfectants, safety gates, faucet covers and similar purchases.

Baby Health Care

The health care of the new born infant is a top priority for most parents. With all the medical paraphernalia, supplements and other health care materials, it is also important that you keep the numbers of health care professionals and doctors right at hand in case of emergencies. Some of the medical supplies that should always be handy are thermometer, cotton, baby powder, soap and shampoo, medical dropper, rubbing alcohol, disinfectants, teething gel, pacifiers and first aid kit.

Baby Clothes

While buying baby clothes was once a difficult task, today there are many brands available that make clothes specifically for babies. Since babies grow at an extremely rapid rate, it is best that you buy few clothes but buy them in increasing sizes so that the baby does not feel constricted.

Baby Furniture

Furniture like cribs, bassinets, high chair, feeding table, and changing tables are necessary for your baby. All these have to be bought in advance so that when the baby arrives, everything is in order.

Other important things that you may need to keep in stock are baby diapers and baby feeding equipment like breast pumps, bottles, nipples, burp pads and bibs.

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