Basic Needs and Checklist Items of a Newborn baby

Your newborn baby is about to arrive, and it can be quite overwhelming to determine what your baby may need. At this stage, its best to prepare a checklist and identify all items that you might need. A newborn baby checklist should contain all that you will need at the time of its arrival.

You may find standard newborn baby checklists from various resources such as the Internet, but it is always better to customize your newborn baby checklist so as to suit your lifestyle and tastes. The best help that you can get is from your friends, neighbors, and parents. Given below is a list for your reference when preparing your own newborn baby checklist.


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Baby clothes

When it comes to baby clothes you need to get at least 6 to 8 loose shirts, Onesies, and undershirts. Also make sure that you have a minimum of 8 to 10 gowns and rompers. Other items of clothing that you will need are 6 outer wears, 4 to 6 pairs of cotton socks, 4 to 6 small-sized soft cotton towels, and 2 to 4 sweaters and jackets. Always choose the fabric of the garments depending on the weather and climatic conditions.

Baby feeding

For feeding the baby, you’ll need at least 4 bottles and bottle brushes, 2 to 4 bottle warmers, and 10 to 15 fifteen bibs. If you’re bottle feeding, you’ll also need a steady supply of baby feed formula.

Baby toys

When it comes to toys, its best to buy those that are soft, colorful, and sound-producing. Keep in mind that the toys that you buy are baby-proofed and are designed such that they cannot harm the baby in anyway. Stuffed toys that make a sound when you move them and eye-catching and sound-producing toys help in developing the reflexes of your baby. Do not keep baby gifts or toys that may pose a danger to your child.

Baby blankets

Select baby blankets made of soft cotton or flannel fabric. The optimal size of the blankets should be 42x42 inches.

You can also buy specially-designed swaddling blankets if you find it difficult to swaddle your baby with plain baby blankets.

Baby slings

A baby sling is essentially a piece of cloth that holds the baby as it is fastened to the body of its care-giver. There are many types of slings such as ring slings, pouch slings, wraps, SPOC (small pieces of clothes), and other Asian-styled slings.

Other essentials. Here’s a list of some of the other items that you will need

  • Disposable Diapers.
  • Ointments for diaper rashes.
  • Baby soaps and tear-free shampoos.
  • Baby massage oils.
  • A rectal thermometer.
  • Rubbing alcohol swabs (consult your pediatrician for which one you should buy).
  • A water-proof quilted mattress cover.
  • A nasal aspirator.


Newborn Baby Checklist
Newborn Baby Checklist
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