5 Top Musical Toys for Toddlers

Submitted by Jenifer on April 24, 2013

Toys help develop your toddler's fine motor skills, teach them cause and effect and even hand co-ordination. Most toys that you get today include a certain aspect of learning. There are building blocks with alphabets and numbers, jigsaw puzzles with nursery rhymes and abacuses and so on.


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In a similar fashion, there are even musical toys that are great for learning. Toddlers really benefit from repetition. Auditory development in toddlers and even children is closely linked to their communication skills and language abilities.

Since they are babies, children are introduced to toys that stimulate their visual and auditory skills.

Musical toys, therefore, play an important role in the child's ability to hear well. The musical toys help the child identify sounds independently and associate them with a certain fact or set of actions. That's why it is considered important that these toys be played in relatively quiet environments so that the toddler can distinguish the sounds from the normal range of background sounds.

Musical toys can vary from basic percussion in which a child bangs on a surface which produces a sound to more complicated toys as the child grows.

Here are some of the most popular musical toys for toddlers:

  • Mini guitar - One really popular one is the 'Let's Rock Elmo Guitar' inspired from a popular children's show character. Designed for toddlers, it helps children learn the motion of creating a sound or music.
  • Similar to this guitar is the mini piano. Kids love pounding on the black and white keys. They love that it can make a sound. Even before musical toys make an appearance, give a toddler a spoon and lid and watch the 'music' he can make instinctively.
  • Hand mats are another common musical toy. Toddlers can dance on them and create music while doing that. Toys like these help them learn synchronicity that teaches them which position creates what sound.
  • Rain sticks are another kind of toy that provides visual and auditory stimulation simultaneously. These sticks can be creatively even made at home.
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