What size is a baby at 16 weeks?

(April 1, 2011)

The baby size at 16 weeks as per the pregnancy calendar states that at this stage in the pregnancy the baby will be around 10 cms in length  right from the rump to the crown which should roughly be like the size of an avocado. The size of the baby when the woman is 16 weeks pregnant  in terms of weight will be almost 100 gms. In fact in the consequent few weeks of the pregnancy the baby will go through a huge growth spurt which will add many more centimetres to the baby’s  length and will also almost double the weight of the baby. The fetal development with regards to the baby size at 16 weeks will be observed in the form of the head of the baby being more erect than earlier and the eyes will have moved to the front of the head of the baby.  At 16 weeks of pregnancy  the urinary tract and the circulatory system of the baby also are in complete working order  which enable the baby to exhale as well as inhale amniotic fluid through the lungs. Baby size at 16 weeks will also increase in terms of the internal developments that are taking place. At 16 weeks of pregnancy the heart of the baby will become stringer and will actually pump almost 6 gallons of blood to the baby’s body. In fact the heart beat of a 16 weeks pregnant baby will  be double the rate as that of an adult as it works furiously to ensure good circulation of blood and oxygen for the growth and development of the various organs. Baby size at 16 weeks will increase in terms of weight as well as in length because the bones of the baby begin to harden  and the baby also starts having a firm handgrip which allows the baby to make a fist and also suck its thumb.  At 16 weeks pregnant the baby body size will try to keep up with the head of the baby which was larger than its body  till 16 weeks. Additionally at this stage of the pregnancy , the eyelashes and the eyebrows of the baby also begin to grow . Although there is an increase in the size of the baby at 16 weeks pregnant, the baby may appear to be thin when viewed in via an ultrasound  which is mostly because  the baby still hasn’t developed a layer of fat  under its skin.

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